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Music is meditation of the soul!

If music is your first love, then I bet you will crave for the best earphones to get that high!

A fine pair of a neckband that hugs your senses and liberates you from mundane life is really what life is!

As you start believing in the beats then your heart opens up, senses mellow down and perception about the World start evolving. You are in a trans of music and a solo rider on a journey of self.

Hey! Wear the guy and get on the road to discover yourself.

Indulge in the charm of Maxobull Neckband Wireless Earphones!

These earphones are so compact and easy to wear that they actually give you the comfort and style of a real neckband. I assure you that you just have to put them around your neck even when not in use; and just plug them to dive into the music you love and get the unbound Bliss!

Beauty of the game is that the neckband is so light weight that it replaces a beautiful necklace (if you not that conventional feminine pro).

Being wireless and with an updated Bluetooth version 5.0, you do not have to worry about cables or to connect to your phone again and again or face any connectivity issues. Connect the neckbands with any Bluetooth device and cherish the joy of listening with a 10m transmission range.

One great relief is that your neckbands would never be damaged with sweat or dust as they are absolutely water and dust proof. Does this sound good! Wait! Wear your neckbands freely while gyming, jogging, walking or even while working or just relaxing. The wireless neckbands know exactly how to play your favourite moods!

These beautiful Bluetooth Neckband is so user friendly that you can easily adjust volume, change music, take calls and summon voice assistance with integrated controls and In-built mic. Guarantee is that you will never miss a sound or a beat. You will also never miss any of your important calls as this outstanding neckband has been designed with a vibration alert for calls. So, enjoy listening to your music without being worried to miss any calls.

As far as the power backup is concerned, the Bluetooth headphone is built with a super powerful battery with a capacity of 200 MAH and a standby time of 250 hours. You can charge your neckband with a charging voltage of DC5V and get a playable time of almost 20 hours.

This gracefully designed marvellous wireless neckband comes out with such perfection that it will never fall off and the super soft earbuds just fit in smoothly. Comfort is the key of this wireless neckband even if you wear it all day long and enjoy your heart throbbing music or attend to long phone calls.

This best Bluetooth neckband under Rs. 1000 is giving a new meaning to listening music without even a slightest touch of fatigue or frustration.

Apart from the technological benefits, it offers you a fashion statement that definitely proves out to be your style symbol.

Imagine yourself in your favourite fashionable dress, a pair of exclusive goggles and the charming wireless neckband around your neck!

This is the delight which you get by this Bluetooth Headphone!

Enjoy the privilege of music everywhere with this extremely lightweight and highly portable Bluetooth wireless neckband!


Find your own personality with magnificent style and remarkable features with this gem around your neck!

Get addicted to Maxobull Neckband Earphone, Now!

And stand out from the crowd as you enter a virtuous sound experience.


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