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There are two kinds of headphones in the market. The one are conventional types that are now getting out of the market these days and one are the neckbands that are more durable, feasible and of course a better version. Neckbands are very comfortable to wear around the neck and are Bluetooth connected and of course, best suited for the people who wear headphones throughout the day for either calling purpose or for listening music etc. The sound quality is often high as it upgraded version of headphones.

So I think if you are new buyer or unknown about the features and quality of the neckbands, then you are at the right place to search your answer. We are here to get you the comparison among some best or better options of the neckbands available in the market under Rs. 2000.

What is your purpose to buy?

The first and foremost decision of every buyer should be that for what purpose you need to buy the neckbands. Is this for calling purpose or just for your daily gym session of listening music or for watching movies. If you want to buy for whole day use like for your calling jobs then you must need a neckband that will give you the better battery time, and of course the durability and if it is just for your personal purpose of listening music or watching movies then you might choose an option with good sound quality and better Bluetooth version.

There are so many choices in the market as bulk of variety is launching every day in the neckband market but the tough decision is to choose the best option fulfilling your purpose under your budget of Rs. 2000.

Battery life and durability

Good battery means convenience, the longer the battery the more well is your experience without any interruption and along with the minimum consumption of battery water and dust resistance is an essential part that matters when you are making your choice of neckband. If you are buying a neckband costing Rs. 2000 then you must be demanding a durable product.

When we to best 5 options available in the market under  Rs.2000 and put them against each other on the basis of their features, durability, sound quality, Bluetooth version, battery life

Top 5 Brands With features comparison Boat rockerz 255 Infinity (jbl) glide n100 PtRON TANGENT evo Maxobull y-14 Boult Audio ProBass Curve Neckband
Price  ₹1,399  ₹1,599   ₹899  ₹1,599  ₹1,898
Bluetooth version  4.1  5.0  5.0  5.0  5.0
Wireless range  10 m  10 m  10 m  15 m  10 m
Battery life  6 Hours  Upto 7 hours  6 hours  12 hours  8 hours
Extra bass  Add extra thump  yes  yes  Chipset ISSC-2020 Super base  yes
Sweat proof  IPX 5  IPX 5  NA  IPX 5  IPX 5
Vibration alert No No No Yes No
Neckband length Normal Normal Normal Much longer Normal
Standby 150 hrs 180 hrs 50hrs 320 hrs 48 hrs
Noise cancellation 4th gen 4th gen 4th gen 6th gen 4th gen
Dual phone connectivity No No No Yes No
Chipset CSR8635 NA NA ISSC-2020  CSR8635


I had personally experienced each of the above mentioned neckbands that are considered best under Rs.2000, we came to you with the result that will definitely help you to choose the best.

If we talk about the infinity (jbl) Glide N100, I considered the product because of big brand behind this that is Herman but after using this product I found this least best from all the options as the battery life of the product is not so responsive and is least good in sound quality And what I felt that if better quality of material could have been used, it would look more premium.

if we talk about, PTron Tangent Evo model then its wireless limit is quite less as compared to other options under this category. Though Bluetooth version is latest but battery backup is not up to the satisfactory level of the customer. It lasts upto 4 hrs only whereas y-14 maxobull model’s battery lasts for upto 12 hours which is the best feature in it that no other company is offering.

Now the comparison left between Boult Audio ProBass Curve Neckband, Boat roakerz 255 and maxubull powerful device y-14. Though Boult Audio ProBass Curve Neckband is has the very good quality of neckbands but its price is bit high as compared to the other models under this category and also it lacks in comfort level for those who needs to wear it whole day don’t buy this it’s very uncomfortable and more over there is no vibration alert when your phone is ringing and you are away this really disappointed me and it’s have very hard base after hearing 3 songs my head and ears were into pain really not recommended


So I am here with the final comparison between the two I considered best among all. Boat rockerz 255 is also the best selling model in the market but after studying both the companies practically and deeply.

Boat rockerz 255 has the Bluetooth version 4.1 whereas y-14 offers you latest Bluetooth version 5.0 which will help you to get better and seamless connection in calling, music or gaming and if you are bugG lover there is no voice lag on y-14 best gaming experience you can hear small voices very clear so gamers you will gona love with this product

Design and build Quality, yes again my choice is same Maxobull Y14 the neckband is strong and flexible whereas the cables are strongly built. They will be your perfect companion for a morning jog or your time at the gym.

Both Boat rockers and Maxobull Y 14 The sound is quality and nice, it connects quickly via Bluetooth. The headphones is comfortable in ear and falls not easy. Has buttons more and less-and the power battery lasts a long time using all day and so far had no problem, it comes to battery life then y-14 offers you almost double battery life in comparison to boat rockerz. Boat rockerz 255 has battery standby of just 150 hrs and y-14 offers you battery standby of almost 320 hrs.

Y-14 offers you two special features of vibration alert and dual phone connectivity which boat rockerz and none other is offering.

The operating range of y-14 model is also better from boat rockerz 255.  And sound quality , flexibility , quality of material and water resistance , y-14 model by Maxobull satisfy all these features even better than the Boat rockerz 255.

it took us 3 days to study and in the product that satisfy all the purpose of different kinds of users is the “powerful audio machine y-14”. Y-14 is one of the premium neckband under Rs.2000. it has each and every function with upgraded quality and latest version.

The y-14 neckband is priced at 1599 INR while boat rockerz at 1499. So just a difference of 100 rupees will get you better quality product and best ever experience of neckbands.

Both are easily available online at amazon you can compare the price and features there also. Link shared below:

on Maxobull website

HIGHLIGHTS OF Y-14 which makes product unique and stands out of league 

  1. CHIPSER ISSC-2020
  6. 320 HRS BATTERY

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