A Roar that is sweet melody!

Listening to your great songs, music or favorite melodies always liberates you! Amazing sound then moves through your ears, directly to your heart. And when this sound settles at your inner space then millions of wishes just fly away in the vast horizon of your world.
Such is the power of a Roar bt -06.
It’s soft and serene yet wild at times but melodious all the way.
Let’s tune in for its highlights:
Technology Topper With exceptional features, Roar bt-06 from the house of Maxobull is ruling the heart of ones who love latest technology for freedom and openness. The innovative Bluetooth 5.0 headphone lines up it as most sophisticated gadget in the category. Bluetooth 5.0 has four times the range, two times the speed, and eight times the broadcasting message capacity of older versions of Bluetooth thus making it Super Technology. It works on Bluetooth Low Energy, reducing power usage and longer battery life. So, in nutshell, this device offers a top-of- technology experience at all locations and a musical asset to carry along. A rich sound and explosive bass takes you to a memorable journey filled with new exciting memories.
Great Experience Headphones are best musical partners of the millennial. Although their following has included music lovers from other age groups too. Actually, it is the go through effect which becomes decision maker to choose a right headphone.ROAR-bt-06 serves this need perfectly. The Open-back version has the advantage of open, airy sound which doesn’t put any strain on ears and makes this music gadget as the best choice for general listening needs. Metal magnetic buds enrich this experience with fairly 10 mm driver.
Ease to operate Riding on the utility aspect of technology,Roar-bt-06 empowers the user with multifunction button for play, pause and next or previous songs options. By offering the ease and comfort with such features, it comes with a fairly good 10 mm driver to offer immersive audio experience.
Super Light for Ears For a lasting joy and longer durations of beat to savor, light weight gadget is a real must. With good quality foam pads, it sits softly in ears. Long listening hours becomes a delight with such feather device.
Portability Lightweight feature is designed for greater portability purpose. All movement compatibility-involving diverse physical activities give this gadget an edge over other competitors in this segment. It is best suited for journeys and outdoors to add refreshness on a go, forever.
Google Siri Assistance Leveraging latest features like hand-free Goggle assistant Siri add delight factor for consumers to command what they demand!
As a smart buyer, when you head for choosing perfect headphones, just compare the best features of this ergonomic design with others. Maxobull is known for innovative approach and sleek designs and a strong player in the field of enriching digital experience. A six Months warranty is assured bonus of quality for appropriately priced Rs.599 item. With great features, hopefully, the Roar of this gizmo would prove to be a sweet melody for most people’s ears.

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