The Great Khali’s Birthday: Maxobull’s Tribute

At Maxobull, we believe in celebrating life’s grand moments just as much as we celebrate cutting-edge technology. And what better way to demonstrate our ideology than by celebrating Grand Khali’s birthday and paying tribute to the legend? In the world of sports and entertainment, there are figures who transcend their fields, becoming legends in their […]

Mrs. Icon India 2023 Shines in Association with Maxobull

In the glittering world of beauty and grace, where aspirations take center stage, Mrs. Icon India 2023 and Miss Teen Icon India 2023 emerged as beacons of elegance and empowerment. Held on the 30th of September 2023 at the prestigious Hyatt Centric, Janakpuri, Delhi, these pageants celebrated not just beauty but the essence of womanhood. […]

NPC Delhi Series 2 Championship organized by Maxobull

When it comes to audio excellence, one brand rises above the rest: Maxobull. We are proud to have been a key organizer at the NPC Delhi Series 2 Championship, where we had the privilege of showcasing what Maxobull truly represents – a commitment to elevating audio experiences to new heights. The NPC Delhi Series 2 […]

Best Neckband Under 2000|Which To Buy??


BEST NECKBAND UNDER 2000|WHICH TO BUY?? There are two kinds of headphones in the market. The one are conventional types that are now getting out of the market these days and one are the neckbands that are more durable, feasible and of course a better version. Neckbands are very comfortable to wear around the neck […]

A Roar that is sweet melody!

Listening to your great songs, music or favorite melodies always liberates you! Amazing sound then moves through your ears, directly to your heart. And when this sound settles at your inner space then millions of wishes just fly away in the vast horizon of your world. Such is the power of a Roar bt -06. […]

Best vaccine for Corona

It’s here-as a sweet voice of friend, warmth of a close relation, a storehouse of feelings and comfort of privacy! Alas! if it wouldn’t be here,     Loneliness could break you in the outbreak of Corona, I bet! But I guarantee, this great gizmo is going to give you a lot of memories and […]