Best vaccine for Corona

It’s here-as a sweet voice of friend, warmth of a close relation, a storehouse of feelings and comfort of privacy!

Alas! if it wouldn’t be here,



Loneliness could break you in the outbreak of Corona, I bet!

But I guarantee, this great gizmo is going to give you a lot of memories and the bliss in this period of isolation.

It will take away your heart; make you dive deep in the lake of emotions and your mind become absorbed in looking for those moments which touch your soul.

Meet Powerful Audio Machine y14 from the house of Maxobull-a name reckoned with ethereal sound noble experience!

Acknowledged as premium neckband in its domain, it is a masterpiece- you name it and it has all that kind quality. Leveraging on its primary USP, length and strength of the neckband makes it stand tall in the whole market.

Listing its features is not an easy task as it rolls down to a host of tech highlights which other competitors would envy.

To begin with, it has Chipset ISSC-2020 which takes one to the world of finest thumping experience of sound with the dual advantage of most proficient usage of battery.

On a track of music melody, it won’t let you miss your important calls just by humbly serving you a notice of incoming call alert. Imagine, you are immersed in a pool of audio lake wearing the headset and someone tries to reach you. That feeling would reach you via vibration and you just respond to it in time by pressing a multi-function button.

I believe that Music means only you and the beat. And this smart y14 audio machine understands this very well. So, it has employed 6th generation cvc system capable of high efficiency noise reduction and echo cancellation to open the doors of uncompromising peak quality sound encounter.

As you know, Bliss doubles when two connect to each other. Realizing this, Maxobull weaved dual phone connectivity to pair two separate devices to this audio machine at the same time functioning.

A marvel for music lovers, y14 audio machine is the perfect amalgamation of bass, vocal and treble. Look at its configuration which is unbeatable-csr 4.1smart chip with apt-x audio decoding stereo. It is focused to address your caller with clarity of voice tone while getting pleasure of music, uninterrupted. HD audio and surround sound in it fine tunes the high resolution audio. Best part is that you can continue your tide of music for up to 12 hrs on the strength of a lithium battery with a standby of 320 hrs.

This machine is very flexible adjusting to any extent when you wish to carry it for some outside thrill- twist, bend or fold, it won’t complain. On the same rules of association, make it your buddy for water and gym indulgences. It’s a sweat proof and water resistance 5.0 Avatar. No amount of sweat touches its core when it rests on your ears. Never worry to face any possibility of wet challenge wearing this gentle beauty.

As it makes you move with elegance, so its controller keys perform to up and adjust volume and change of tracks.

Anyways, if you are in a mood to need an assistance to navigate your choice tracks then please welcomes Google siri assistance just by a small pressing of center button for mere 3 seconds.

What else you need in these hours of solitude!

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