Redefine Your Sound Experience This 2020

Music- such a beautiful word that has always been a vital element of our lives. Music can have a considerable impact on the perception, emotions, and behavior of a person. To enjoy music to the fullest, you need perfectly designed products with the latest configurations.

One cannot resist opting the best. Isn’t It true? Have you ever experienced the impeccable looks, splendid sound experience, and a faultless piece in the gadgets world? All together in a single piece of the wireless neckband, with most emerging and latest technology, “pam-24”  is going to make you batty over it.



Neckband is unarguably at high trends these days. No other product can beat their Bluetooth range, comfort, Bass experience, superb noise cancelation, and many more.

Of course, you all might be working from your home as well and in this situation, you need a good pair of wireless headphones that will help you out for your work aspirations as well as for your fully-loaded entertainment plans and yeah, don’t forget that neckbands are just your best gym partner. So, Maxobull is adding a supernova product to its range that offers you a high-tech bombastic sounding experience with our new product PAM-24, specially designed with emerging technology and all the superb features infused in it.

What is “ PAM-24”

The Bluetooth headset has a basic design that is similar to most other options of neckband wireless headsets available in the market but differs in quality and features and is going to beat all the product range under this much amount. They perfectly fit in your ears with in-ear silicon buds that have angled tips and there is an ear hook as well to fit inside the ear grooves so it doesn’t fall out easily even when you are running. Moreover, it is flexible, lightweight, and has a smooth finish and wireless tpu coated unbreakable wire that guarantees high durability. Also, it’s copper voice coil units effectively optimize the high-frequency audio texture.

Battery life

PAM-24 is equipped with 200 mAh battery and unstoppable music hours. Most of the neckbands offer you over 6-8 hours of battery life by default but PAM-24 delivers unbeatable music time with 12-14 hrs playback on a single charge. Charge 10 minutes for 1-hour use. This ensures that your headphones will never go out of time whether you are listening to your favorite tracks or in some conversation.

Punchy bass

Good bass quality brings the sound together in a harmonious way that satisfies the soul. So buy a bass focused headphones having acoustic sound isolation to feel the magic of music at another level. Let us also change your movie experience as you can feel the emotions due to the extra depth of sound quality. A good one for workouts. You will feel every single beat, tightness of the music, and crystal clear vocals.

Noise isolation

It has an impressive active noise canceling feature that actively cuts the unnecessary background sounds like traffic, bus, train, and many more disturbing sounds so that you can enjoy your commute. Time to say goodbye to disturbing ambient noises and just focus on your important calls.

Bluetooth and compatibility

With the operating distance of 10m, you don’t need to carry your mobile phone constantly and no need to worry about placing your phone in a range as its upgraded Bluetooth version 5.0 has splendid Bluetooth range and super compatibility with all other Bluetooth devices like android, apple, laptop, tv, etc. You won’t be plagued by connection issues, either, since most offer superb Bluetooth stability.


Audio drivers are one of the technologies that help in producing the most consistent and surreal musical sound. A driver performs the function of converting electrical signals to music, inside an earphone. Its 12mm dynamic drivers produce bombastic sound and crystal clear high fidelity listening experience that will steal your hearts.

Volume controller keys

A multi functional button is a super addition to this perfectly designed Bluetooth headset. It enables you to have complete freedom of operating your neckband without touching your phone as it allows you volume adjustment, call answering or rejection, switching to the next song or the previous one, and also to switch them off.

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