WC 204 Wireless Charger 15 watt


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  • Wireless Charger 15 watt wc 204
  • 15 watt fast wireless charger
  • Anti-slip design
  • Fast wireless charger
  • Premium quality circuit
  • Sleek and luxurious pad
  • Feather weight
  • Type-C input
  • Electromagnetic field protection
  • Fast transmission
  • Qi enabled
  • Smart IC
  • Radiation shielding
  • Foreign object detection
  • Auto cut technology


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WC 204 Wireless Charger 15 watt

Full Description

Wireless Charger 15 watt wc 204

Maxobull’s 15 watt fast wireless charging pad that is engineered to deliver you faster charging efficiently. The sleek, matte finish charging pad looks ultimately luxurious and moreover, its premium circuit and electromagnetic field protection, ensures no over current, no electric shocks and eliminates fire hazards too. Thanks to the radiation shielding that cuts the effects of harmful radiations and smart auto cut technology automatically shuts off the charger, so no more overheated batteries with this smart IC that also comes up with foreign object detection and universally Qi compatible this charger adapt output powers according to the phone. Lets enter the amazing world of wireless technology with Maxobull.

15 watt fast wireless charger

Purposely crafted to deliver 15 watt fast wireless charging for all the latest smart phones that boost up your charge. Just shift to wireless and get instant fast charging.

Anti-slip design

The new intelligent synchronoSecurity comes first. Fabricated with flat smooth surface and anti slip rubber base keeps the charging pad secure and simultaneously protect your device sliding from the charging pad.

Fast wireless charger

Supported technology that eliminated human error is completely streamlined and so delivers much faster charge. Give a super charge to your device in just a fraction of the time.

Premium quality circuit

The new intelligent synchronoSecurity comes first. Fabricated with flat smooth surface and anti slip rubber base keeps the charging pad secure and simultaneously protect your device sliding from the charging pad.

Sleek and luxurious pad

The charging pad looks simple, sleek, luxuries and a complete Matte finished that smartly and efficiently give a superb charge to you phone and amazing looks match your lifestyle.

Feather weight

Stylish, portable, small and light weight, with this perfectly crafted wireless charger you can never go out of charge. This feather weight charger is the one you can take along anywhere you want. Seamlessly perfect.

Type-C input

High speed USB-C connectors, with such widespread support, the USB-C, or Type-C connector is user friendly. There’s no up or down orientation so it works regardless of which way you plug it in.

Electromagnetic field protection

Technically created keeping in concern electromagnetic field protection which is a major safety concern including potential electrical shock hazards, magnetic field exposure hazards, fire hazards, etc. It provides a historical background of wireless charging offering you surge protection and short circuit prevention.

Fast transmission

Easy and faster data transmission, is the quality feature you can enjoy with this amazing wireless charger to meet your data transfer needs with upto 480 mbps speed that all you could need.

Qi enabled

Compatible with android, iOS, various digital devices and Qi-enabled devices, provides with high efficiency wireless charging with 15 watt power output. It will automatically adaptoutput powers according to the phone model to ensure fast and safe charging of your device. Areliable and absolute performance.

Smart IC

Smart intelligent charger holds the charge level when it is full as it automatically chooses a safe and ideal charging speed according to the phone placed on the stand.

Radiation shielding

It provides you a complete safety of harmful radiations from the charger by forming a shield out layer around the specific area of radiations and cuts off the effects of the radiations and emits maximum danger.

Foreign object detection

It detects the presence of foreign metal objects around the wireless charging system and inhibit wireless power transfer when energy leakage exceeds a predetermined level on the estimation of how much power would actually be dissipated into the foreign object during power transfer.

Auto cut technology

Once your smartphone is fully charged, this smart wireless charger automatically shuts off and deliver you a safer charge with less energy consumption and ofcourse, no more overheated battery problems.