Powerbank svelte 2n/3n 10000mah


SKU pca-20 4.0 Amp Type I Phone-1 Category


  • Maxobull powerbank 10000mah Svelte 2n/3n
  • Matte finish body
  • USB Type-C and v8 input
  • Dual USB port output
  • High density batteries
  • Compact & portable
  • Widely compatible
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Made in India
  • LED flashlight indicators
  • Fast and furious charging
  • Circuit protective technology


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Powerbank svelte 2n/3n 10000mah
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Full Description

Maxobull powerbank 10000mah Svelte 2n/3n

Presenting a fast and furious power bank, compact and portable, designed with supreme matte and royal finished material, USB type-c and v8 input, and did USB port output elaborate range of charging options. Made in India product, come up with circuit protective technology and LED flashlight indicators that reflects the battery status. Highly compatible with operating on iOS, windows & android interface, and equipped with 10000 mAh high density batteries, you can never go out of charge

Matte finish body

An Innovative premium hard coated material designed to give supreme matte and royal finish to the power bank that complements your outfit and make you feel exceptional.

USB Type-C and v8 input

The micro USB cable comes with a Type-C adapter for a elaborated range of charging options. It support phones, tabs, android, and many more. Simply pair with your own cable to charge iOS devices with its intelligent chipset.

Dual USB port output

Crafted with high-efficiency dual input and dual output ports. This feature enables you to charge almost any kind of mobile device.

High density batteries

The massive capacity power bank equipped with 10000mAh advanced Li-Polymer cell technology implemented in the battery that quickly charges your devices effectively and efficiently. You can charge multiple devices multiple times with a high degree of charge.

Compact & portable

Sleek, compact and portable design that is extremely light weight and stylish as well that you can carry it anywhere along with you. Now never get out of charge with any of your friendly devices.

Widely compatible

Widely compatible with most of the devices, it works efficiently with all devices operating on iOS, windows & android interface with USB Micro port & Type C port support.

Uninterrupted power supply

It takes 5 hours to charge this power bank and it intelligently adjusts power output to delivery fast and efficient charging for most connected devices.

Made in India

Always a trustworthy product with the tag “made in India”. The chipset, batteries, material, everything made with Indian technology and with trusted IC protection.

LED flashlight indicators

The sleek LED battery status indicators precisely indicate the percentage of charge left in the power bank. Know your battery status easily with svelte 2n high density power bank.

Fast and furious charging

This power bank is made with smart charge technology, which adjusts to your device to charge at maximum speed. It fully charge your device with 2X better speed.

Circuit protective technology

It effectively control current and provide protection when temperature and current exceed the maximum limit and thus eliminate fear of short circuits. Moreover, it simultaneously monitors output current and shuts off when current exceeds the maximum limit to protect the device.