Power PC-241 Dual USB Charger with Cable Max3.0Amp




  • Charger Adopter
  • Compact size
  • Sophisticated circuit design
  • Fast and efficient charging
  • Indian connectors
  • Ideal for office, home or travel
  • Dual USB port
  • Sync and charge
  • Universal compatibility
  • Data cable 3.0 amp
  • Made in India


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Power PC-241 Dual USB Charger with Cable Max3.0Amp
599.00 325.00

Full Description

Charger Adopter

Presenting a Made In India USB charger with sophisticatedly designed circuit that are perfectly crafted with fire proof material and 100% short circuit proof. Compact, durable and fast charging portable charger, comes up with Indian connectors that you can carry anywhere you desire. Universally compatible, having 3.0 amp data cable that serves you Stable, fast and furious charging. Simultaneously charge two devices with its dual USB port and moreover, enjoy fast syncing and transmission of data easily.

Compact size

Meet your fast charging needs with this compact, durable, lightweight and pocket size charger. Made with high quality material and sturdy design.


Over Charging Protechtion
Fireproof Materials
Over Voltage Protection
Short Circuit Protection

Sophisticated circuit design

Its manufacturing includes the necessary circuitry and software that greatly increase the amount of current for high power charging rather than increasing the voltage and thus prevent short circuits.

Fire resistance

The adaptor is BIS approved, and has fire retardant body and hard plastic outer shell material protects from over-heat and over current. Completely safe and reliable product.

Fast and efficient charging

Inspired by latest technology, the USB specification sends 3.0 amps of current that boosts the charging level and produce super and safe charge.

Indian connectors

Crafted specifically with thick round pins that perfectly fits in all Indian sockets. Easily suitable anywhere and everywhere.

Ideal for office, home or travel

Forget to worry of running out of charge while travelling with this Power PC-241 compact and highly compatible charger. It is very simple to use and pocket size portable product.

Dual USB port

Designed with wonder dual USB port technology features that simultaneously charge your 2 device like phones, tablets, mp3 players or any other android devices without sacrificing the charging speed of any of the object.

Sync and charge

Enjoy fast data transfer along with high speed charging for any micro USB device. The micro USB cable transmit the data as quick as 48 mbps. Moreover, Automatically switch to protected mode when the battery is fully charged.

Universal compatibility

The USB Charger provides the freedom to use any Smartphone USB Cable with it. It is universally compatible with phones, tablets and other USP port devices.

Data cable 3.0 amp

One Of the most effective charger available in the market that comes up with 3.0 amp safe, efficient and rapid charge. Input 100V- 240V AC(50/50HZ) having output 5VDC (2400 mAh) max.

Made in India

A trusted made in India USB charger that is specifically designed keeping in mind the further warranty and safety of the customers. Moreover, far better charger unlike the imported ones.