Maxobull Rainbow 16Watt Wireless Speaker




  • Maxobull Rainbow 16Watt Wireless Speaker
  • Rainbow lights
  • Rubber finish body
  • Reconnect easily without hassle
  • Music time
  • Power
  • Quality calling
  • Waterproof


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Maxobull Rainbow 16Watt Wireless Speaker
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Full Description

Maxobull Rainbow 16Watt Wireless Speaker

Back then, a high-quality speaker was the most basic need for any function, party, event or celebration. Still, after Bluetooth’s introduction, things began to change, and a new technology genre came into play. Along with these new technologies, the Bluetooth speaker came into the market, bringing a new era. Because of these technological advancements in speakers, Bluetooth speakers have become very popular, and nowadays, no event can be done without these speakers. The main promising aspect of these speakers is their wireless connectivity and high-quality sound experience. Still, today there are many companies in the market selling these speakers while customers can’t decide what to choose. To solve this problem, allow me to introduce the Maxobull Bluetooth speaker. This classy-looking speaker will provide excellent sound quality with long-range connectivity. Some of the most important qualities of this speaker are mentioned below.

Rainbow lights

A dynamic design comes with the excellent sound quality usual demand of customers. By considering this aspect, the company provides a very classy look in the Maxobull Bluetooth speaker. While holding this amazing look, this Bluetooth speaker also has rainbow lights, making it very attractive and stylish.

Rubber finish body

Nowadays, Bluetooth speakers have become very handy and frequently come into use in daily life. While used in daily life, Bluetooth speaker also faces daily circumstances and problems like poor weather or getting hit by table corners, etc. Because of these daily circumstances, Bluetooth speakers must be strong and sturdy. To account for this problem Maxobull Bluetooth speaker came with a rubber finish body. This rubber finish body will protect the speaker from external circumstances, and you can enjoy your amazing sound experience without worrying about the Bluetooth speaker.

Reconnect easily without hassles

As the earpods come with a master-slave switch, you can seamlessly connect with the smartphone or other device as soon as the cover is opened. There is no need to sync the device every time with the earpods, and this makes it convenient for users to make calls or listen to music without any hassles.

Music time

As mentioned above, Bluetooth speakers have become a daily need nowadays. Because of that, Bluetooth speakers must have long music hours. Here, the Maxobull Bluetooth speaker comes with 180 minutes of unlimited music time, a power pack, and durable battery life, so you don’t have to sweat about your movie night. These long hours of music time will ensure your constant and glorious sound experience. With this long music time, you can enjoy your event or celebration for a long period.


Along with all these qualities, the Maxobull Bluetooth speaker has a consistent massive 16-watt power output. This gigantic power output will alter your surroundings in your favour.

Quality calling

Most of the Bluetooth speakers on the market don’t consist of a mic, which could be an issue for the customer who usually uses Bluetooth speaker while working because they can’t communicate through the Bluetooth speaker, so first, they have to disconnect this process sometimes become irritating. To solve this issue, the Maxobull Bluetooth speaker company provides an inbuilt mic that will provide you with quality calling. Because of this mic, you can answer calls hands-free and don’t have to pass through the irritating process of disconnecting – connecting.


While dealing with day-to-day scenarios, Bluetooth speakers must have water protection. Here Maxobull Bluetooth speaker is consistent with IPX 6.0 Waterproof, which will protect your Bluetooth speaker from any harm from water.
So these are the most exciting qualities of this astonishing Bluetooth speaker.