Maxobull Mojo 2

Original price was: ₹1,499.00.Current price is: ₹999.00.


  • The lightweight and robust
  • Stereo sound quality
  • Powerful bass
  • Simple Charging:
  • Outstanding bass


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Maxobull Mojo 2
1,499.00 Original price was: ₹1,499.00.999.00Current price is: ₹999.00.

Full Description

MaxoBull Mojo 2

The lightweight and robust Maxobull Mojo 2 Box wireless Bluetooth speaker lets you take your music with you wherever you go. A speaker with stereo sound quality and a powerful bass that can uplift any mood. This portable speaker’s light weight and exhilarating performance may have you buzzing for the adventure you want.

Add a brand-new Bluetooth speaker to your living room to unwind and listen to music after a long day at work. When performing domestic tasks, do you enjoy listening to music? Choose portable Bluetooth devices that are compact, light, and can fit anywhere. Learn more about the unique MAXO BULL MOJO 2 BOX, which features a variety of Bluetooth party speakers with HD sound that can effortlessly rock any party. Make a gathering livelier by exploring the products and placing your order right away.

Modern Bluetooth Speaker: – The 5.0 Bluetooth versions provides high levels of compatibility, a 10 m range, and balanced armature drivers for high-quality wireless streaming.
Type C input: Built with modern technology, type C input offers unmatched compatibility with all tablets, Android devices, and iOS devices.
Oblique fit: An incredibly adaptable speaker is ideal for both indoor and outdoor musical enjoyment. They can resist light to moderate exercise and heavy rain thanks to their IPX5 ratings. They are splash and perspiration proof and stay in your ears during any manner of strenuous physical activity.
Battery status: In addition to having absolutely fantastic features, these speakers have the capability of monitoring the battery level and updating the battery % on it. With just a 10-minute charge, this music package gives you endless hours of musical entertainment. You get a fully charged case in around 1-2 hours, and you may use fully charged pods for a productive performance in an hour.
Outstanding bass: Provides cinematic sound, balanced left and right stereo channels, and flawless stereo sound quality. These features result in loud, well-balanced music with snappy bass and clear vocals. In the case of a Bluetooth speaker, weight might be a big factor in terms of overall comfort.
Nonstop music: Draw up your love for high-quality music with the tune pods’ 10 hours of brilliant music and countless calling hours. With its 800 mAh battery, stay charged at all times. Sophisticated algorithm ensures that the quality of nonstop music won’t be compromised. Maxo Bull Mozo2 Box, It’s a Magic Box will take your musical experience to a new level.
Royal appearance: The casing has a durable, glossy plastic construction that provides excellent durability and, at the same time, offers it a cool, timeless appearance that perfectly complements your personal style. The speaker is offered in the traditional Black color.
Simple Charging: The Magic Box has a magnetic compact charging function that charges in a short amount of time and just needs DC 5 V current. It may be charged anywhere.

Maxo Bull Mojo 2 can be taken anywhere. The speaker is quite strong and ready for use. For just Rs. 999, you may have an endless jam session of all your favorite songs with a ton of playback time. Take your music with you wherever you go with the Maxo Bull Mojo 2 Box wireless Bluetooth speaker’s light weight and durability. This Magic box can improve your mood with its tremendous bass and stereo sound quality. The portability and thrilling performance of this portable speaker can have you itching for the desired adventure.