Maxobull Power Pods

Original price was: ₹2,999.00.Current price is: ₹1,559.00.


  • Long lasting earphones
  • Power bank earphones
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Long hours
  • Excellent sound experience for music and movie
  • Super Classy look
  • Super long standby time


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Maxobull Power Pods
2,999.00 Original price was: ₹2,999.00.1,559.00Current price is: ₹1,559.00.

Full Description

Maxobull Power Pods

Earphones are one of the most basic aspects of the world nowadays. Everyone needs a very excellent quality earphone, but as the new technological era comes into play, it brought new technology and features. Back in the day, a whole genre was associated with wired earphones. Then, after the Bluetooth introduction, things began to change, and new & advanced features appeared in the earphone market. Earphones become wireless through the help of Bluetooth, which provides great ease in daily circumstances. Because of this advancement, the earphones market has become technologically enhanced. Nowadays, so many Bluetooth earphones are available that customers can’t decide what to purchase or what features they will need in their daily lives. To clear up this entanglement of the questions that arose in customers’ minds, allow me to introduce Maxobull power pods. This astonishing power pod will grant you an ethereal sound Nobel experience through a tremendous technological enhanced system. This excellent power pod will solve all the mind-wobbling questions about buying wireless earphones. Below are some of the best qualities associated with these Maxobull power pods.

Long lasting earphones

The most arisen dispute regarding wireless earphones is their charging capability. In today’s world, everyone needs a good earphone in their daily life, but if the earphone is not charged, then this causes plenty of issues in daily circumstances by solving this trouble, Maxobull introduce Maxobull power pods, which will grant you a battery life of 1200*30 mAH. This gigantic battery life will assure long-lasting hours of nonstop music. Because of this long battery life, you can enjoy your movie/series without worrying about the low battery.

Power bank earphones

The most exciting feature of this power pod is its capability to charge a phone which is completely fascinating. This power pod can charge a phone through USB output and can act as a Power bank so you can have qualities of earphones and Power bank in this power pod.

Bluetooth 5.2

The main difference between wired and Bluetooth earphones is their way of connectivity. In old times, after Bluetooth appeared in earphones, people still preferred wired earphones over Bluetooth earphones. The main reason behind this choice is the emerging question of connectivity. At that time, Bluetooth was still in the phase of development, so because of that, there was a huge connectivity issue in earphones, but now things are different Bluetooth is at its peak and Maxobull power pods have the best feature of the Bluetooth connectivity of 5.2. This remarkable quality of this power pod will enhance your sounding experience and provide you with a 10-meter unbreakable range of connectivity.

Long hours

As we discussed above, Bluetooth earphones are now a daily need for any person, so they must consist of long hours of working quality. Considering this fact, the company provides 228 hours of nonstop music experience. So now you can watch all your favorite series/movies without hesitation regarding unstoppable sounding experience.

Exclusive Gaming experience

This amazing power pod provides an excellent sound experience for music and movies. The gaming lovers company enhanced this power pod to provide a zero-lagging sound experience. This power pod’s outstanding quality will bring a new excitement while playing games.

Super Classy look

This astonishing power pod comes with extremely classy look. Material used in manufacture of this power pod is very elegant and strong. This power pod also has blurry transparent cap case with a display indicator which will show how much your power pod is charged. With all these features this power pod also consist a USB output to charge your phones in case of emergency.

Super long standby time

Even after all these specifications, the Maxobull power pod also possesses an enormous standby time of 6 months. This super long standby time will ensure the quality of this power pod.