Air Bass Pods

Original price was: ₹5,999.00.Current price is: ₹1,949.00.



  • Air1 earpods
  • One earpods; multiple modes
  • Charge your pods in a quick time
  • Reconnect easily without hassles
  • Excellent touch interface
  • Outlook and waterproof features


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Air Bass Pods
5,999.00 Original price was: ₹5,999.00.1,949.00Current price is: ₹1,949.00.

Full Description

Air1 earpods

The all-new Air1 earpods come with excellent features at an attractive price. You can use the same earpods in different modes for different situations. It has an excellent battery life and can be charged quickly without any hassles. The attractive design lets you flaunt the earpods on any occasion. It is also suitable for outdoor use. Not only that, it is the best option for playing games as it has low latency sound output. The sound quality is excellent and offers the best binaural sound output for an immersive listening experience. It has a premium quality case that is very sturdy and easily fits into your pocket.

One earpods; multiple modes

Most earpods in the market come with only a standard output option, which may not be suited for every environment. On the other hand, the Air1 earpods allow you to switch between different modes depending on your requirement.

Charge your pods in a quick time

No need to wait for long hours to charge your earpods. You can quickly charge them in about 30 minutes and conveniently use them for multiple hours. It lasts for about 3 hours when you use it for music and more than when you use it for games or making calls. You can also use the fast charger with these earpods, which can last for an hour after charging it for just 10 minutes.It also comes with the universal Type C interface making it easy for you to use it anywhere.

Reconnect easily without hassles

As the earpods come with a master-slave switch, you can seamlessly connect with the smartphone or other device as soon as the cover is opened. There is no need to sync the device every time with the earpods, and this makes it convenient for users to make calls or listen to music without any hassles.

Excellent touch interface

The touch interface allows you to boot the earpods and play and pause music with its touch control interface. You can also seamlessly switch between tracks while listening to music with a simple touch. Apart from that, you can also increase and decrease the volume without using the device; everything is controlled with a touch interface.

Outlook and waterproof features

It comes in a simple and elegant design. You can choose between black and white colours, and it weighs less and easily fits into your pocket. Yet another exciting feature is the IPX4 waterproof rating. This allows you to use the earpods outdoors without worrying about rain, sweat and other hassles.