Power Pca 17 3.0 Amp

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  • Durable
  • High Quality
  • Speed Charging
  • Long Cable


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Power Pca 17 3.0 Amp
499.00 Original price was: ₹499.00.259.00Current price is: ₹259.00.

Full Description

MaxoBull USB Cable Micro: Reliable and Fast Charging for Your Devices
The very first it comes in micro usb and type c the solution you need for charging your devices with ease and speed. Whether you use a smartphone, a tablet, or another gadget that needs a USB connection, this cable provides the durability, compatibility, and performance you seek. In this text, we will explore the main features and benefits of MaxoBull USB Cable Micro, as well as some tips on how to use and maintain it.

Before we start, let’s clarify who can benefit from MaxoBull USB Cable Microand type c . Essentially, anyone who uses a device with a micro USB or TYPE C port and needs to charge it. Some examples are:

– Smartphone users (Android, Windows): Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi Redmi, Huawei Honor, Nokia Lumia, Sony Xperia, HTC One, LG Optimus, etc.
– Tablet users (Android, Windows): Lenovo Tab, Asus ZenPad, Acer Iconia, etc.
– Camera users (some models): Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, etc.
– Power bank users: Xiaomi, Anker, Aukey, RavPower, etc.
– Other devices: Bluetooth headphones, smart watches, GPS devices, etc.

If you have any of these gadgets or similar ones, MaxoBull USB Cable Micro and so do type C can make your life easier and more efficient.

Firstly, MaxoBull USB Cable Micro is made of high-quality materials that ensure its durability and safety. The cable has a thick outer layer of nylon braiding that resists tangling, fraying, and bending. The connectors are made of aluminum alloy that prevents rusting and damage from repeated plugging and unplugging. The pins are gold-plated to ensure stable and fast data transfer and charging. Overall, the cable can withstand more than 10,000 bends and 5,000 insertions, according to the manufacturer’s tests.

Secondly, MaxoBull USB Cable Micro is compatible with a wide range of devices and charging options. The cable works with most micro USB ports on devices, including those with protective cases. The cable can also support various charging levels, up to 2.4A or 12W, depending on your device’s capabilities. This means that you can charge your device faster than with a lower-amp cable, especially if you use a charger with a higher output capacity.

Thirdly, MaxoBull USB Cable Micro offers faster data transfer than some other cables. The cable’s copper wires have a diameter of 24 AWG (American Wire Gauge), which means they have a lower resistance than thinner wires. This results in less power loss and more data transmitted per second. The cable can transfer up to 480Mbps, which is compatible with USB 2.0 and some USB 3.0 devices.

Now that we covered the main features of MaxoBull USB Cable Micro, let’s see what benefits they offer you:

– Convenience: You can use MaxoBull USB Cable Micro to charge your device from a power source, such as a wall adapter, a car charger, or a laptop. You don’t need to carry multiple cables for different devices or worry about running out of power while on the go. The cable’s length is 3.3 feet, which is enough for most indoor and outdoor settings.
– Efficiency: You can save time and energy by using MaxoBull USB Cable Micro to charge your device faster than with a lower-amp cable. This is especially useful if you need your device to be ready for work, travel, or entertainment.
– Peace of mind: You can trust that MaxoBull USB Cable Micro is safe and reliable for your devices. The cable has multiple protections against overcharging, overheating, and short circuiting. This can prevent damage to your device’s battery or system, as well as reduce the risk of accidents or fires.

To use MaxoBull USB Cable Micro, simply plug one end into your device’s micro USB port and the other end into a compatible power source. You should see a charging symbol or notification on your device’s screen, indicating that it’s charging.

To maintain these both sort of usb either the TYPE C or MICRO USB,, you should avoid twisting, pulling, or bending the cable excessively. You should also keep it away from extreme temperatures, moisture, or sharp objects. If you notice any sign of damage or wear, such as frayed wires, loose pins, or melted parts, you should replace the cable and dispose of the old one properly. You should also keep the cable clean and dust-free, using a soft cloth or brush if necessary.

In conclusion, MaxoBull USB Cable Micro is a reliable and fast solution for charging and data transfer for your devices with micro USB ports. The cable offers durability, compatibility, and performance, as well as convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind. You can use MaxoBull USB Cable Micro for smartphones, tablets, cameras, power banks, and other devices that need a micro USB connection. Order your MaxoBull USB Cable Micro today and experience the difference in quality and speed! Thank you for your attention.