Maxobull Marathon

Original price was: ₹3,499.00.Current price is: ₹1,899.00.



  • Music upto 100 hours
  • Bluetooth wireless neckband
  • Superb standby
  • Unbeatable compatibility
  • Powerful bass
  • Feather weighted
  • Gigantic battery
  • In-lin mic
  • Extensive noise cancelation
  • Snug fit
  • Soft-touch superior button


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Maxobull Marathon
3,499.00 Original price was: ₹3,499.00.1,899.00Current price is: ₹1,899.00.

Full Description

Maxobull Marathon – Music upto 100 hours

Maxobull presents you the seamless experience of music to itslisteners with the long music hours. Enjoy 100 hours of endless beats, gaming, calling all on a single charge.

Bluetooth wireless neckband

The advanced Bluetooth technology 5.0 version headphones endowing you with the ultimate sound exposure that simultaneous gives you seamless connections and high-grade audio.

Superb standby

A travel companion that will never let you worry about the battery capacity at all. All this with its fantastic standby of 700 hours. Running out of time? No more worries when marathon is here.

Unbeatable compatibility

Compatible with all Bluetooth devices allows you to experience a stable connection up to 10 meters of range. Drivers help to improve the overall sound quality.

Powerful bass

Structured with a smooth sound signature, deliver you a crystal clear sound and a high bass quality. It’s outstanding audio quality gives an extensive and acoustic experience of music.

Feather weighted

Light weight yet sturdy, the marathon neckband will feels soft and light like a feather in ear and the soft silicon eartips take special care of your ears for wearing it for long hours. Comfortable for workouts and travel.

Gigantic battery

Crafted with excellent battery performance offering you 500mah super gigantic rechargeable lithium battery equipped with fast and effective charging whole day and night.

In-lin mic

Its in-line remote control allows calls and music control for a hands-free experience. Use the voice command feature without using your phone, just by pressing the Multi-Function Button.

Extensive noise cancelation

This intelligent algorithm of marathon headset results in flawless noise cancellation locks out the whole world outside with the super active noise cancelation feature. Feel the gestures of music in you.

Snug fit

Geared to be your everyday companion, it snugs perfectly in your ears. A comfortable piece of neckband with silicone cover gives you a natural, prefect and ergonomic fit.

Soft-touch superior button

With a super soft superior touch control button we can easily manage your calls and control functioning with just a soft touch. Extra premium quality material used in- gives you a patronizing experience.