Refund Policy

Each Purchase made from is eligible for refund, provided it fulfills the requisite conditions. We at Maxobull strive for the Best Quality experience along with a sound customer satisfaction. We value our Customers and thus hold their trust in the primary place.

Following policy has been adopted to ensure maximum transparency and fairness in dealing with customer related issues.

Eligibility Conditions for a Refund:

Refund of a product is allowed only under the following circumstances:

  • If the specification of product received is not as per the specifications mentioned in the website.
  • If you asked for the product replacement and it takes more than 14 working days from our end, whatever the reason be.
  • If the primary product delivery takes more time than promised then the customer can cancel the order and the full amount will be refunded back to the customer within 14 working days. But it is not applicable in case of natural causes like natural calamities-flood, tsunami, earthquake, famine, pandemic, epidemic or any other calamity of such order , or man–made complexities such as delay on behalf or due to the logistics partners, absentia/unavailability of the customer due to whatever reasons, etc. We do not take any responsibility of a delay in refund because of the delays made by the bank, calamities or national holidays.


Note: Depending on the circumstances, the requisite amount may be refunded after deducting the mandatory bank and delivery charges.


Refund NOT Applicable in the following circumstances –

  • If the customer is not happy with the look/sound quality of an otherwise “Defect free Product”
  • A Physical damage not notified within 24 hours of receiving the product, an electrical surge or any damage caused at the user’s end.


*Any application for refund must be mailed at [email protected] within 2 weeks from the date of purchase.