Experience the Joy of Affordable Premium Sound with Maxobull’s New Joy Pods TWS Earphones

Problem: The Indian market is flooded with gadgets, but many of them are too expensive.   Promise: Maxobull has been launched to fill this void, with high-quality products at an affordable price point.   Proof: We’ve done everything possible to keep the price low without compromising on quality and features. Maxobull offers a new budget […]

Launch of Maxobull power pods at India’s Fashion Show MR and MS Semi Finale

To introduce a brand new Power pod in India, Maxobull had a glorious launching event full of fun, and everyone there enjoyed their time. In this fantastic event, Maxobull introduced its budget power pod, which will bring a whole new genre. As mentioned above, an ordinary person can afford this power pod. Maxobull observed in […]

Maxobull: Future of innovatively designed products

You don’t have to be a gadget geek to own one because Maxobull has the latest innovative gadgets you cannot resist buying. Being a leading gadgets brand, it knows how to cater to the contemporary crowd, always hooked to gadgets. The brand started in 2019 and was founded by Praneet Sapra. Maxobull quickly rose in […]


  In the new and rousing era of wireless, there is always tremendous fun and excitement. Moreover, it makes our life so simple and super cool. And if we talk about Bluetooth wireless speakers, then it has unbeatable benefits, excitement and of course comfort. Bluetooth speakers are in-built Bluetooth chip, works with Bluetooth connections unlike […]


Music- such a beautiful word that has always been a vital element of our lives. Music can have a considerable impact on the perception, emotions, and behavior of a person. To enjoy music to the fullest, you need perfectly designed products with the latest configurations. One cannot resist opting the best. Isn’t It true? Have […]